Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang introduced her book “Ho Chi Minh: Humanity and Development”.

Nguyen Dai Trang (L) - author of the book 

This is her second book about President Ho Chi Minh. The earlier works were written in Vietnamese and English.

Alma Farias, who participated in the launch event, said she was thrilled for the book to be translated into Spanish.

She noted that many Latin American countries hope to learn about Ho Chi Minh’s principals as well as Vietnam’s experience in building the nation after wars.

Farias said she will contact the Spanish trade promotion department in Toronto to introduce the book while encouraging members of the Spanish-speaking community to read it.

Elizabeth McInnich from the Canada-Vietnam Trade Council, who helped Trang edit the book, said readers can see a person of peace, gender equality and who loved children.

Visitors were also invited to join a photo exhibition featuring President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese land and people.

The same day, the Vietnamese community in the UK gathered in London to celebrate the 127th birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh.

Source: VNA