Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung 
The event updated press agencies with ASEAN-related information, making it easier for them to have feature stories on specific benefits brought by the ASEAN Community, towards raising public awareness of the importance of the community.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung emphasized the role played by the communications circle in the work, saying that this is a crucial tool to introducing benefits of the ASEAN Community to the public.

Ministries and sectors should consider ASEAN cooperation promotion as a priority, and need to enhance links among various sectors in the process, he noted.

Representatives from a number of ministries mentioned issues concerning intra-bloc economic and tourism cooperation, incentives from tariff commitments; transport links within ASEAN; ASEAN integration initiatives; mutual recognition agreements in ASEAN’s sectors; and migrant labor in ASEAN.

The seminar heard that ASEAN member nations achieved hundreds of agreements and commitments to almost fields, especially those that bring direct interests to the people such as commitments to tariff and technical barrier removal; investment liberalization and facilitation; agreements facilitating passenger and commodity transport, labor movement, and tourism, and education cooperation programs.

On the occasion, speakers from ministries also gave reply to press agencies’ queries about the significance of free trade agreements within the bloc, and what Vietnam does to take advantage of opportunities in the integration process.

Source: VNA