The Lao youth delegation is participating in the Vietnam-Laos Youth Friendship Meeting 2017 in Vietnam to mark the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic ties and the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh in a joint photo with the Lao youth delegation. Photo: VNA

At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Minh warmly welcomed the Lao youth delegation and expressed his belief that the Vietnam-Laos Youth Friendship Meeting 2017 will be successful, contributing to fostering the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples, including Vietnamese and Lao youths.

The host also recognized the fruitful results of cooperation activities between the two countries’ youth organizations over the past time, particularly the signing of the agreement on bilateral cooperation in the 2017-22 period with various new and practical contents in accordance with the two countries’ current socio-economic development trend and the demand of Vietnamese and Lao youths.  

The host confirmed that the Vietnamese Party and State will continue to support strongly the two countries’ youth organizations and hoped that the young generation of the two countries will always be fully aware of their responsibility and mission to worthily follow in their previous generations' footsteps, continuously cementing the Vietnam-Laos special relationship. He asked the youths of the two countries to support each other and join their national efforts to build Vietnam and Laos into prosperous countries.

On behalf of the Lao youth delegation, the Secretary of the LPRYU Central Committee Sonthanu Thamavong thanked Deputy Prime Minister Minh for the warm reception and expressed his deep gratitude to the support and assistance that the Vietnamese Party, State and people have generously offered the Lao Party, State and people over the past 55 years.

He believed that the Vietnam-Laos special relationship that has been built on the traditional friendship between the two nations will further develop in the future and be steadfast and lasting forever.

Translated by Thu Nguyen