In this space, visitors will have opportunities to learn more about local culture and the wife-pulling custom of the H’mong ethnic group.

They will see local girls in beautiful clothing and local boys with flutes dancing and playing musical instruments. Through dances, the dancers and the girls know more about each other and fall in love.

Khen Dancing of the H'mong people in Lao Cai

In addition, other traditional games such as Pao (silk-ball) throwing, stick-pushing, and walking on stilts will be held.

The highlight of this program is the custom of wife-pulling practice of the H’mong people.

Apart from the above-mentioned custom and traditional games, tourists can join the ceremony to escort the bride to her husband’s home, a tradition of the Dao and H’mong ethnic groups in Sa Pa.

Additionally, they will have chances to enjoy local specialties, such as sticky cake, seven-color steamed glutinous rice, sour Pho, and thang co - a special dish of the H’mong people in Lao Cai province.

The event aims to introduce and honor local cultural values, contributing to preserving and bringing into full play intangible cultural values.

According to Ha Van Thang, Director of the Lao Cai provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, since early November this year, the number of tourists to Sa Pa has increased by 7-8 percent against the previous months.

Sa Pa is expected to welcome 1.2 million tourists this year. Last year, it received 3.5 million visitors.

Source: vnexpress

Translated by Chung Anh