The district has been famous for spectacular roads to border markers, magnificent terraced rice fields in the ripening rice season, and splendid hills covered with white flowers. It is also an ideal destination for tourists to enjoy cool and fresh air blown from breathtaking waterfalls.

Located in the West of Binh Lieu, Vo Ngan is one of the most popular communes in the district with its pristine beauty and varied cultural features as majority of its population coming from ethnic minority groups. Ngan Chi upstream forest and Do waterfall are among the most popular tourist destinations in the commune. Ngan Chi upstream forest is a perfect place for nature lovers to camp while the Do waterfall with crystal-clear water is ideal for swimming, enjoying cool air, and catching shellfish in streams.

Fantastic “Sa Pa” in the Northeast region

When traveling to Vo Ngai commune, tourists are advised to visit Na Nhai to experience the life and culture of the Dao ethnic minority group. Founded in 2018, the Club for the preservation and development of the Dao people’s culture in Vo Ngai commune has been exerting all-out efforts for the work. According to its Chairwoman Vo Ngai Dang Thi Dung, the club has hosted singing classes, recaptured rituals and festivals, and organized art performances for tourists in a bid to preserve cultural features of the people.

In recent years, thanks to efforts of the local authorities and units and majestic natural landscapes, diversified cultures, the tourism sector of Binh Lieu has reaped fruitful results. Particularly, the number of visitors increased from just 33,000 in 2015 to 85,000 in 2019. The turnover from tourism-related activities reached more than VND 26 billion.

In an effort to strengthen the locality’s tourism sector, Binh Lieu has paid attention to popularizing its tourism through different channels over the past time. Particularly, the district promoted Binh Lieu Tourism Fanpage; introduced its tourism at Tuan Chau International Marina, Bai Chay Port, and Van Don International Terminal; built cultural ethnic minority villages in Huc Dong, Luc Hon, and Vo Ngai communes.

At present, the locality is preparing for the upcoming so (camellia oleifera) flower festival which is slated for the end of this year, so as to draw more tourists to the district.

In addition, the northeastern district also focused on raising capacities of its tourism workforce and strengthening cooperation with well-known tour operators, including Vietravel, Halotours, PYS Travel, and Saigontourist.

The locality also diversified its tourism products and services to help tourists learn more about landscapes and cultural practices and activities while focusing on raising the quality of its tourism services.

Translated by Tran Hoai