After the launching ceremony, youth union members of Army Officers’ Training School No.1 cleaned up the school’s campus, trimmed ornamental trees and parterres and painted a bus stop. These meaningful activities helped create a healthy and clean living, working and studying environment for lecturers and cadets.

Youths visiting heroic Vietnamese mother Nguyen Thi Tuu

* During the Youth Month, the Youth Union Organization of Ho Chi Minh City will direct its affiliates to achieve nine targets. Accordingly, each youth union chapter will carry out at least one activity contributing to the building of an urban civilized lifestyle and organize a “Root-returning” journey. Each chapter will build a green space, plant at least 3,000 trees, clean up irrigation canals, upgrade a community-based learning center, admit more members to the Youth Union and recommend at least 500 outstanding youth union members to the Party.

* Youth Union chapters in Dong Nai province will promote dissemination and education on the glorious tradition of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Vietnamese Youth Federation, do voluntary activities for the community, implement more creative programs and support young startups and young entrepreneurs, as well as offer vocational training consultancy and provide information about job opportunities for youths during the Youth Month.

Right after the youth month-launching ceremony held by the provincial Youth Union organization, the participants joined ground-breaking ceremonies to build two bridges in the communes of Phuoc Khanh (NhonTrach district) and Xuan Bac (Xuan Loc district).

They also visited and presented gifts to 20 national contributors, heroic Vietnamese mothers, needy former volunteer youths. Apart from tidying up the local environment and planting trees, participating youths also raised locals’ awareness of COVID-19 prevention and control.

* During the month, 100 percent of Youth Union chapters in Binh Thuan province will carry out movements, such as “Civilized and safe crossroads,” “Green Sunday,” “Good production.” Local Youth Union members will also clean up local roads and residential areas, dismantle illegal advertisement billboards, promote education on the Youth Union organization’s tradition, give locals face masks for free and guide them on how to prevent the COVID-19. They will present gifts to national contributors and other needy Youth Union members, construct five houses of compassion, two entertainment areas and other welfare facilities.

Translated by Mai Huong