Needy children receive Mid-autumn gifts. (Photo for illustration)

In the communique, the official affirmed her organization, together with the Vietnamese Government and people, expressed deep concerns and hoped to support for the more than 1,500 children in Ho Chi Minh City who lost their parents to the pandemic.

According to her, it is important above all to quickly find a family environment to them. That is why UNICEF highly valued a document by the ministry on September 23 to localities on taking timely measures to care for this group of children.

The official described the decision as timely in ensuring that the orphans will receive necessary support to overcome this time full of difficulties and challenges. In her opinion, the government should develop a system to protect them.

To prepare against and cope with this crisis on both short and long terms, it is important that the government provide practical and necessary sentimental and financial supports for the relatives that take care of the orphans.

Source: VNA