Rescue mission deployed for 8 missing fishermen. Photo for illustration

On the morning of January 9, the Zone 1 search and rescue center received two mayhem calls from two sinking ships, coded TH91552 TS and TH1288 TS. The fishing vessels sunk about 70 nautical miles to the south-southeast of the northern province of Hai Phong. There was strong wind and the sea was rough.

The center immediately sent its rescue ship SAR 411 to the location and signaled 20 nearby fishing ships to coordinate the mission. By noon, they saved three sailors of the TH91552 TS ship and two from the TH1288 TS ship. The rescued men were brought to shore at night the same day and rushed to the hospital.

The SAR 411 sailed back to the scene looking for eight other missing sailors.

Source: VNA