PANO – The Thanh Hoa Provincial Border Guard Command is stepping up efforts to search missing fishermen on trawler ĐNa 90604 which was sunk on May 30th.

On June 31st, the command sent a cargo ship to team with other nearby trawlers for the rescue mission.

Photo for illustration

Earlier, it assigned ship BP.05.12.01 with eight officers and soldiers on board to search the sunken trawler and fishermen. It also signaled other nearby boats to join the rescue.

Trawler ĐNa 90604, with 13 sailors on board, was turned over while fishermen were trying to crane fish at the area five nautical miles from south southwestern off Hon Me island in Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province. Eleven of them were lucky to escape from the distressed trawler while two others were stuck inside.

Translated by Mai Huong