Photo for illustration: vtv.vn
All the proceedings of the event, including 30,000 USD of ticket money and over 600,000 ruble (10,000 USD) raised by audiences, will be used for treatment of 20 children under the “Hearts for Kids”, a heart operation program.

The event, the first of its kinds held overseas, is expected to provide financial aid to disadvantaged children with heart disease and inspire philanthropists to continue supporting the program, said Associate Professor - Doctor Nguyen Lan Hieu, Deputy Director of Hanoi Medical University, who will receive and deliver the donations to the “Hearts for Kids” fund.

According to data of the World Health Organization, Vietnam has nearly 45,000 under-six heart patients, of whom 60 percent have disadvantaged background. Among 8,000 to 10,000 children with congenital heart disease, a half of them are in need of immediate operations.

Source: VNA