The UXO items were found in Nguyen Van Nho's garden.

The UXO included shells of 12.7mm machine gun, 37mm automatic air defense gun M1939, and 82-BM-37 mortar, together with POM-Z2 mines, grenade, and more. The UXO was detected by the family of Nguyen Van Nho when doing ground clearance to build their house.

According to Colonel Tran Huy Thuc, Head of the Engineering Board of the Ha Giang Provincial Military Command, the unit sent more troops to accelerate the search and clearance of the UXO.

UXO collected

He noted that there  are numerous war-left UXO items in Ha Giang province. Therefore, the provincial military command has enhanced information dissemination to call on local people to report to the authorities if they find bombs, mines or shells in their living areas, contributing to promptly deactivating the UXO.

Translated by Chung Anh