Delegates at the event

The event was attended by war veterans who had been imprisoned by the enemy in the Lao theater.

At the get-together, former volunteer troops recalled their international service in Laos. During the long-term resistance war against the imperialists and their henchmen, following President Ho Chi Minh's teaching, “Helping friends is helping ourselves,” generations of troops of the Vietnam People's Army volunteered to join international service to help the Lao revolution. During the time, many comrades had unfortunately fallen into the enemy's hands. They were soldiers of Divisions 316, 968 and 559 and military advisors who helped the Lao people build their military and government in different battlefields in Laos.

Before being imprisoned in Samkhe Prison, these comrades were detained in many prisons in Savanakhet and Pase. From 1964 to 1973, there were 176 comrades imprisoned by the enemy.

Veterans in a joint photo

On September 19, 1974, at an airport in Vientiane, 173 Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and nine Pathet Lao troops were freed from the imperialist prison and received healthcare at Mission 874 of Military Region 4. After that, many comrades continued to serve in the military, while others were discharged and returned to their homeland.

In 2003, the Liaison Board of POWs at Samkhe Prison was established to connect the former volunteer soldiers across the country. Since its establishment, the board has organized meetings and conducted various gratitude activities  for the former POWs.

Speaking at the meeting, the board’s President Kieu Ngoc Khue recalled the indomitable spirit of former volunteer soldiers. In spite of being barbarously tortured by the enemy, they remained absolutely loyal to the revolutionary cause. 

In the coming time, the liaison board will accelerate activities to pay gratitude to and gather comrades across the country.

Translated by Tran Hoai