Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Defense Minister and Head of the Steering Committee of the seminar Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh emphasized the importance of Hoa Binh Victory to the  resistance war against French colonialists. He said that the victory proved the strategic vision, flexibility, and creativeness of the Politburo, the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and the High Command.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Huy Vinh addresses the seminar.

At the event, Senior Colonel, veteran Nguyen Huu Tai, a historical witness of Hoa Binh Operation, shared his memories of a fierce battle in the operation 70 years ago. According to him, on December 29, 1951, Battalion 16 under Regiment 141 of Division 312 and other units launched an attack to occupy a post in Ba Vi and successfully occupied the post the next day, killing 155 enemy troops and seizing many weapons and equipment. He recalled that before the campaign, President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter of encouragement to troops joining the battle.

Together with stories by historical witnesses, delegates to the seminar recalled the development milestones of the Vietnam People’s Army in terms of forces, tactics, techniques, and ability to continuously fight for a long time. They also affirmed the enrichment of Vietnam’s military arts in the resistance war against French colonialists.

Participants at the seminar

Some reports affirmed that Hoa Binh Victory caused the hugest loss in terms of forces and equipment to the enemy. It also marked a new development in the resistance war against French colonialists and contributed to strengthening the belief that with people's war, Vietnam will achieve the final victory. 

At the event, participating delegates also analyzed the reasons for the victory and drew valuable historical experience and lessons, including the leadership and strategic direction of higher levels, coordination among forces to achieve a victory, and provision of logistical supplies, among others.

Affirming the historical and practical values of Hoa Binh Victory, delegates emphasized that the lessons from victory will contribute to the building of the military, the consolidation of the whole people’s defense posture and security posture, and the construction and defense of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Translated by Tran Hoai