Previously, at 01:00 on January 30, while conducting fishing activities in the waters of Sinh Ton Island (Sin Cowe), a trawler coded PY 92396 TS went adrift due to engine failure about 1.5 nautical miles from Discovery Great Reef.

Naval troops provide health check-ups for fishermen of the trawler PY 92396 TS on Da Lon B Island.

Receiving the information, officers, soldiers and vehicles on Discovery Greet Reef rushed to the scene and brought all five crew-members ashore safely at 13:40 on the same day.

Reportedly, the trawler was captained by Nguyen Duc Toan, born in 1970 in ward 6, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province.

* On January 30, troops of Nam Yet Island (Namyit Island) in Truong Sa district presented gifts to fishermen of Quang Ngai province’s trawler numbered QNg 94848 TS.

Troops of Nam Yet Island present gifts to fishermen of trawler numbered QNg 94848 TS.

Earlier, the trawler, captained by Nguyen Van Kim from Pho An commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province, with 11 crew-members on board, departed for fishing activities from January 12 to 30. While operation, it ran out of food and necessities.

Knowing this situation, troops of Nam Yet Island provided instant noodles, food, fresh water and 20 national flags for the troubled fishermen.

Translated by Quynh Oanh