Ship 201 approaches the distressed trawler.

Previously, at 19:20 on January 30, Naval Region 2 received information about a troubled trawler numbered BL-93389 TS. The trawler went adrift due to engine failure while fishing at sea.

At 09:00 on January 31, the unit mobilized Ship 201 performing duty on the East Sea (South China Sea) to the scene for the rescue mission.

Reportedly, the trawler was captained by Nguyen Thanh Sang born in 1985 and owned by Tran Van Tam born in 1977 in hamlet 4, Ganh Hao townlet, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province. It had nine crew-members on board.

Naval troops provide fresh water for the distressed crew-members.

Due to the harsh weather condition, after five hours, Ship 201 was able to approach the troubled trawler. Then troops of Ship 201 promptly provided fresh water and food for the crew-members and gave them first aid.

Thanks to the timely help of Ship 201, all crew-members now are in stable health conditions.

Translated by Quynh Oanh