Officers of Naval Flotilla 129 receive fishermen from the rescue ship.

Previously, on May 4, trawler QNg 94955TS with six fishermen on board ran aground on the reefs off the Southwestern part of Da Tay Island.

Learning the situation, on-duty Ship 904 immediately moved to the scene and rescued the six troubled fishermen.

The Naval Service then decided to form a team to conduct a survey on the sunken trawler. Also, divers sought approaches to salvaging the fishing boat.

The rescue team is now waiting for a good weather condition to salvage and tow the trawler ashore.

Ship 904 provided accommodations as well as necessities to the six rescued fishermen. Four of the six troubled fishermen are still staying with the rescue team on Da Tay Island while the remainders were taken ashore by Ship 904.

During the handover ceremony, the Saigon Military Port offered VND 3 million to each fisherman.

Translated by Quynh Oanh, Hai Yen, Tra My and Ngoc Bich