The flash flood causes huge damage to Ky Son district.

Reportedly, on early October 2, a flash flood happened in Ky Son border district, leaving one dead, 14 houses swept away, 85 other houses submerged, and 12 automobiles swept away and still stuck in mud.

Vi Van May, a resident in Hoa Son village, Ta Ca commune was still shocked and scared. He said that he has lived there for more than 40 years, but he has never seen such a big flood. “The flood came quickly, taking away many houses. We can only run to save our lives,” May said.

The flash flood occurred at 2 a.m. on October 2, and early afternoon the same day, floodwater from Huoi Giang spring, the Nam Mo river flowing through Ta Ca commune and Muong Xen townlet started receding, revealing the devastation.

On the way to Muong Xen townlet, we saw many sections of National Highway No.7 covered with rocks, some of which were several meters high. Notably, on the road from Muong Xen townlet to Hoang Son and Son Ha villages of Ta Ca commune, there were many deep holes created by floodwater, local people’s houses and belongings under the rocks. In addition, many Thai ethnic group’s fields by Huoi Giang spring in Hoa Son district became large stone fields.

The flooding also caused landslides in some sections of the road from Muong Xen to Tay Son, including four heavy landslide sections, preventing means of transport from travelling. Landslides were also seen at ten points on National Highway No.7 at the section crossing Nam Can commune, hindering traffic circulation, and traffic congestion occurred at National Highway No.7’s section through Ta Ca commune. The road to Ta Ca and Tay Son communes was completely blocked.

Troops of Ky Son district’s Military Command try to take the motorbike out of the mud.

Till the evening of October 2, no means of transport could reach Tay Son and Ta Ca communes. Notably, Hoa Son village in Ta Ca commune with 236 households and 699 people and Son Ha village were completely isolated.

Secretary of Ky Son district’s Party Committee Vi Hoe said that “right at night of October 1, noticing prolonged heavy rain, we directed local authorities, armed forces’ units to encourage people living in risky areas to move to safer places. However, the flood with too much intensity caused lots of property damage. The locality has promptly mobilized the most of its forces and vehicles to settle the consequences and the settlement takes time. We have asked the Nghe An provincial People’s Committee to direct forces to focus on circulating National Highway No.7 and providing flood-hit people with goods, essential materials and other necessities in a timely manner.”

Ky Son district itself has made the most of its personnel and vehicles to overcome the flood consequences. The district’s military command, the Border Post of Nam Can International Border Gate, and local police force have also sent all of their forces to help local people.

In the afternoon of October 2, a mission from Nghe An province, led by its deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee and vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Hoang Nghia Hieu and Second-in-Command of the provincial Military Command Senior Colonel Duong Minh Hien, went to Ky Son district to directly lead the settlement of disaster consequences.

Colonel Hien informed that the situation of rain and flooding in Ky Son district, particularly Muong Xen townlet and Ta Ca commune is complex. Therefore, on October 3, the provincial Military Command sent 100 officers and soldiers from Regiment 764 to join hands with forces from the district’s military command and other forces to assist local authorities and people in the work, so that locals could resume their normal life soon.

Troops of Ky Son district’s Military Command help local people collect their belongings after the flooding.

* In order to share difficulties with people in Nghe An province, particularly those in Ky Son district hit by recent flash flood, on October 2, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Nghe An province called for more support from organizations, individuals, and benefactors. Money should be sent to the bank accounts of the provincial Relief Committee 5101.0008.856.666 at BIDV’s Nghe An branch, and 3751.0.3008897 at the Nghe An State Treasury.

Translated by Mai Huong