At 10:00 on June 9, while implementing a mission in Truong Sa island district, the ship was ordered to undertake the task of rescuing trawler BTh 99979 TS which went adrift due to its broken main engine gearbox. The trawler then had to anchor at Da Nam Island (South Reef).

Ship KN 475 towing the distressed trawler ashore 

According to Ship KN 475’s Captain Phan Tien Dung, upon receiving the order, the ship quickly headed to the scene and approached the troubled trawler at 12:05 the same day. Despite strong winds, the ship’s crew members tried their best to carry out the towing plan.

The ship’s crew members provided the fishermen with fresh water and food. They are now in good health. 

The trawler is expected to dock at Ba Ngoi Port in Cam Ranh city at 14:00 tomorrow and will then be handed over to a relevant agency.

Translated by Mai Huong