The recipients are the families of Ho Van Cu and Ho Van Trung, both living in degraded houses in Huong Son commune, Huong Hoa district.

The fund (VND 100 million) to build these houses has been contributed by the National Defense Academy.

The building of such a house is significant to help the two families to ease their housing difficulties to soon stabilize their lives.

Representatives from Military Region 4 Command and Quang Tri provincial Military Command present gifts to the two families.
Huong Hoa district Military Command hands over a livelihood-shifting model to the two families.

At the event, the Military Region 4 Command and the Quang Tri provincial Military Command presented the two families with other necessities. The Military Command of Huong Hoa district handed over the livelihood-shifting model “Raising livestock and poultry for sustainable poverty reduction,” valued at VND 20 million, to two families.

Over the past time, Huong Hoa district Military Command has contributed VND 80 million to building a gratitude house, VND 50 million for a new volleyball court, and a solar power-fueled lighting system as gifts to Huong Hoa commune.

Starting the construction of a great unity house

* The same day, a mission from the Defense Trade Union Board, led by its head Senior Colonel Nguyen Dinh Duc, visited Regiment 717 under Corps 16, presented gifts to the regiment’s needy Trade Union members and workers and inaugurated a “Warm house of Trade Union, comradeship’s sentiments.”

At Regiment 717, the mission was briefed on the unit’s Trade Union’s outcomes in task performance last year and in the first months of this year and the care for laborers. They also talked with the unit’s Trade Union cadres and members to grasp their thought and aspirations.

The Defense Trade Union Board presents gifts to needy trade union members.

The mission presented a gift, valued at VND 5 million to the Trade Union chapter Regiment 717 and 16 gifts, each worth VND 1 million, to the regiment’s Trade Union members in need and suffering from serious diseases.

The mission also inaugurated and handed over a “Warm house of Trade Union, comradeship’s sentiments” to the family of Trieu Dinh Cong, a worker at Regiment 717. The Defense Trade Union Board funded VND 80 million to the construction of the house.

Earlier, the mission visited and presented gifts to the Trade Union chapter of Regiment 719, Corp 16 and 15 disadvantaged Trade Union members.

At the ground-breaking of “comradeship houses”

Speaking highly of Corps 16 for its great efforts to accomplish assigned tasks despite numerous difficulties, Colonel Nguyen Dinh Duc, Head of the Defense Trade Union Board hoped that the party committees and chains-of-command at all levels in the unit would create favorable conditions for trade union members and workers.

Also on May 15, Corp 16 started the construction of four comradeship houses to present to four workers of Regiment 717 facing housing difficulties. Each house is built at a cost of VND 80 million drawn from the “For the poor” fund of the Ministry of National Defense.

It also handed over the support, VND 250 million, to build five “great unity houses” for people in Hung Phuoc, Tan Tien and Thien Hung communes in Bu Dop district and Loc An and Loc Hoa communes in Loc Ninh districts. The fund was from the Military Commercial Joint-stock Bank.

Translated by Chung Anh