Stranded trawler BD 98759 TS promptly rescued by troops of Navy Region 4

Earlier on September 25, while carrying out missions at sea, Ship Truong Sa 12 received an order to rescue a fishing boat that was stranded at a position of about 8 nautical miles north of Sinh Ton Dong (Grierson Reef).

Having received the order, the ship rushed to the scene to conduct the rescue. In spite of carrying out the task in bad weather conditions, Ship Truong Sa 12’s crew-members made great efforts and braved all difficulties and dangers to take fishermen and their property to Truong Sa 12 safely.

The ship’s crew-members then provided first aid and healthcare for the fishermen. At present, the health of all fishermen is stable, and Truong Sa 12 has safely returned to its anchorage.

Since the sea is rough, relevant forces are waiting for the right time to pull the stranded trawler out.

Trawler BD 98759 TS’s captain Nguyen Nhu Thuan was impressed with naval troops’ deeds. He said that without naval troops’ help, fishermen’s lives could be at stake. 

Translated by Tran Hoai