Previously, the naval ship received the mayday signal from Fishing Boat BV92139TS while on patrol in the waters of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Southern continental shelf. Its fisherman Nguyen Ngoc Nhan had lost a lot blood due to a serious injury on his middle finger and right hand.

Fisherman Nguyen Ngoc Nhan (left) receives first aid on Ship 270.

The military medical personnel of Ship 270 provided first aid and medicine to the victim before returning him to his boat on the same day.

* On October 18, Ship 260 of Naval Region 2 received a distress call from Fishing Boat BV93646TS, announcing that its fisherman Le Van Tho had a severe stomachache.

After receiving the patient, the naval ship provided him with medical checkups, painkillers and other medicines. The patient was then returned to his boat for further treatment.

Translated by Chung Anh