Before the  dawn broke, local people had already gathered to enjoy the lunar New Year (Tet) celebrations. According to the eldly in Mo De village, when spring comes, Yen Bai province’s Party Committee and authorities always join hands with troops stationed in the locality to take care of local people to ensure that all poor people, national contributors and disadvantaged people in the village enjoy a cozy Tet.

A leader of the Department of Political Affairs of Military Region 2 welcomes Tet with people of Mo De village, Mo De commune.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Cong Phuong, Deputy Political Commissar of Yen Bai provincial Military Command, informed that Yen Bai province is home to 30 ethnic groups with diverse cultural identities. Over the past years, in implementing the movements “Whole country joins hands for the poor, no-one is left behind,” and “The military join efforts to build new-style rural areas,” the provincial military command has conducted many practical activities for the locals, especially during Tet holidays.

In this year’s program, the military command of Mu Cang Chai district held a wide range of activities, such as ‘banh chung’ (glutinous rice cake) making and cooking and ‘banh giay’ (steamed glutinous rice cake) grinding contests, tug-of-war, stick-pushing, performance of the H’mong pan-pipe. These activities attracted the participation of numerous local cadres, civil servants, and people.

The program concluded with the presentation of ‘banh chung,’ ‘banh giay,’ and other Tet gifts from leaders of the military commands of Yen Bai province and Mu Cang Chai district to local families.

The gift presentation showed the compassion and responsibility of the armed forces of Military Region 2, particularly troops in Yen Bai province, and local people to their needy compatriots.

Receiving the meaningful gifts from local troops, Vang A Lu from Mo De village touchingly said that “After a couple of years going nowhere due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, local people and our family welcomed a cozier Tet holiday. Thanks to the local party committee and to the local troops.”

Translated by Chung Anh