The gifts aimed to support the DK1 Platforms of NR2 to buy sports devices and equipment for their vegetable gardens.

This is a practical activity of Agribank to ease the difficulties of naval troops in action on DK1 platforms, thereby contributing to improving troops' living standard and helping them better fulfill their missions.

At the event

Over the past years, the "For the national seas and islands" journey launched by Agribank has attracted the participation of nearly 40,000 officials, staff, and employees throughout the entire banking system.

Speaking at the event, Senior Colonel Do Van Yen, Political Commissar of NR2 thanked Agribank for its support and affirmed that naval troops of NR2 in general and troops on the DK1 Platforms in particular will continue promoting their tradition, overcoming all difficulties to successfully complete all assigned missions, firmly defending Vietnam's sovereignty over seas and islands.

Translated by Lam Anh