On the evening of April 14, affiliates of Division 330 of Military Region 9 held get-togethers and artistic exchanges and extended New Year greetings to their officers and soldiers of the Khmer ethnic group.

A football match among Khmer players who are troops of Regiment 9 under Division 8

As reported by Division 330, from April 14-16, the division had over 760 Khmer troops be entertained with artistic shows, join sports competitions and play folk games.

Besides New Year activities held in barracks, the Khmer troops of Division 330 also participated in community activities hosted by Khmer pagodas in the stationed area. For the Khmer people, their rituals, religious and cultural activities often take place at pagodas.

Meanwhile, on April 15 evening, Regiment 9 of Division 8 gathered all of their Khmer officers and soldiers in a meeting. Earlier, they also joined football and volleyball matches and other games such as tug-of-war, lion dance, boat race and showed off their singing talent in a karaoke contest.

Troops of Division 330 performing traditional Rom Vong dance at a get-together to mark Chol Chnam Thmay - the traditional New Year festival of the Khmer group

According to Major Huynh Huu Cuong, Deputy Political Chief of Regiment 9, the regiment annually and thoroughly organizes activities for its Khmer troops to help improve their knowledge, boost cultural exchanges and solidarity among troops, so that they could feel assured to undertake and fulfill all assigned missions.

Translated by Mai Huong