Over the past time, via many specific and practical forms and measures, the Coast Guard Region 4 Command has regularly paid attention to and promoted dissemination work on sea and islands in the region of the southwestern provinces.

 An officer of Coast Guard Region 4 disseminates legal information to fishermen.

Meanwhile, it has also embraced the Party’s guidelines and State’s laws, regulations as well as situations of political security and social order over the national sea and islands.

Through these activities, the command would like to raise the people’s, especially islanders’ awareness of law observance while fishing and running business at sea.

In Hon Dat district, the delegation of the Coast Guard Region 4 Command popularized the Party’s viewpoints and directions on the protection of sea and islands sovereignty in the current context, basic contents of the Vietnam Coast Guard Law 2018, regulations on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing to the Party members, people and islanders fishing at sea.

On this occasion, from March 21 to 22, the delegation continued disseminating laws in the districts of Kien Luong and Giang Thanh, and Ha Tien city in Kien Giang province, and distributing 2,000 leaflets on law dissemination, while cooperating with the Labor Newspaper to present 400 national flags to local fishermen.

Translated by Minh Anh