Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem (left) presents gifts to troops of the Thanh Hoa provincial Border Guard Command.

In late 2019 and early 2020, the province’s border guard force successfully investigated six cases, arrested 45 suspects, and seized different kinds of drugs. The provincial Border Guard Command also applied different preventive measures, overcame challenges, and raised the effectiveness of the fight against drug-related crimes. 

Speaking at the meeting, General Chiem praised achievements recorded by the province’s border guard force and asked the unit’s leadership to promote ideological education to help troops embrace their missions and heighten their vigilance while paying attention to taking care of troops’ material and spiritual lives and carrying out gratitude activities for policy beneficiaries. 

Families with outstanding contributions to safeguarding sovereignty and security in border area honored 

On the occasion, General Chiem handed over the Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry’s gifts to troops of the provincial Border Guard Command and five households who had participated actively in defending sovereignty and security in Truong Xuan district’s Thuong Xuan commune. The mission also visited and presented gifts to the family of fallen officer Vi Van Nhat in Can village, troops, and people in border areas in Thanh Hoa province.

Translated by Song Anh