Coast guards have enhanced dissemination of information about law, fishing regulations to fishermen through leaflets distribution and oral communication. As a result, local fishermen have understood more about and better observed law and other regulations.

To boost law enforcement, coast guards have formed patrol teams to regularly check and guide trawlers to operate with adequate documents and in permitted waters. In addition, the coast guard force has presented gifts, national flags, given support and conducted search and rescue duties at sea to fishermen.

These activities have been a driving force for fishermen to feel secure while reaching out to sea and helped tighten the troops and people relationship.

Below are several photos of the coast guard force’s support to fishermen.

Troops of the Coast Guard Region 1 Command and members of the Mass Mobilization Commission of the Quang Binh provincial Party Committee disseminate information and present gifts to fishermen at Cua Roon anchorage area in Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province.
A mission of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command distributes leaflets on IUU fishing in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Raising awareness of fishermen in Cam Pha city and Quang Yen town during the program “Coast guards support fishermen” launched by Coast Guard Region 1 and Mass Mobilization Commission of the Quang Ninh provincial Party Committee.

Translated by Mai Huong