Trawler QNg 95058TS is about to sink.

Particularly, on September 11, trawler QNg 95058TS of Nguyen Van Thach from Binh Chau commune of Quang Ngai province’s Binh Son district experienced engine failure 28 nautical miles from Ly Son Island while on the way to take shelter from the fifth storm.

Receiving the information about the incident, the Coast Guard Region 2 Command instructed its Ship 8002, which was conducting missions at sea, to approach the scene to conduct the rescue operation.

After six hours struggling with high waves and strong winds, Ship 8002’s crew-members were able to save all the fishermen.

After rescuing five fishermen on board trawler QNg 95058TS, Ship 8002 was reported on another incident happening in the waters of Ly Son island district.

Trawler DNa0494 with 13 fishermen on board went adrift 17 nautical miles from Ly Son district while sheltering in the waters of Dong An Hai hamlet of Ly Son island district.

Reported on the incident, crew-members of Ship 8002 continued braving torrential rain, rough sea and strong winds to search the distressed trawler which is steered by Nguyen Dung from Son Tra ward of Da Nang city. After six hours searching for the drifting trawler and contacting its crew-members, at 1.30 a.m. on September 12, the coast guard ship found the trawler and 13 fishermen.

Ship 8002's crew-members prepared to tow trawler DNa0494 ashore

At noon on September 12, Ship 8002 of the Coast Guard Region 2 Command took five fishermen on board trawler QNg 95058TS and 13 others on board trawler DNa0494 ashore. Coast guard troops also towed trawler DNa0494 ashore. 

Translated by Tran Hoai