At 08:30, on February 1, Ship CSB 4035 of Coast Guard Region 4, received a mayday signal while operating in the Southwestern waters, about 90 nautical miles southwest of Hon Khoai Island.

A medical crew of Coast Guard Region 4 gives the patient first aid.

Accordingly, fisherman Nguyen Van Le, born in 1965 from Tay Yen A commune, An Bien district, Kien Giang province, on board trawler KG 95839 TS, captained by To Van Dien (born in 1989), was suffering from a severe burn.

After receiving the information, Ship CSB 4035 quickly sent troops to approach the trawler to support the fisherman.

The victim had extensive burns on his back, hip, and left thigh with signs of swelling, severe inflammation, and infection if not being treated promptly.

A medical crew of Coast Guard Region 4 gave the patient first aids and later returned him to his trawler.

Translated by Chung Anh