During a week-long program, troops of the unit, in coordination with the local authorities and people, presented 20 gifts to policy beneficiaries and needy households, totally worth VND 20 million; offered 50 gifts, including books and school supplies to poor students at a cost of VND 10 million; visited and granted gifts to local authorities and schools in the area, worth VND 10 million; and organized a meeting to inform 100 officials and Party members of Ninh Gia commune on current socio-economic affairs.

Cleaning the environment

The troops also planted over 200 green trees and nearly 5,000 flower trees at schools and along local roads; cleaned the environment along nearly 10km of inter-village roads, cultural houses, and markets; and repaired and dredged 3km of canals, among others.

Providing health check-ups and medicines to the local people

During the program, policy beneficiaries in the area were also provided with free health check-ups and medicines, worth VND 15 million. Meanwhile, 20 needy households also had their houses repaired and cleaned. Other sports and cultural exchanges were also held.

The practical program contributed to promoting the movement “Military joins hands in building new-style rural areas,” and tightening the civilian-military ties.

Translated by Chung Anh