The couple of Pham Ba Anh - Pham Thi Phuong in Duc Son village, Tinh Hiep commune recalled in tears that their sister-in-law died in a traffic accident before the lunar New Year 2013 and their younger brother and the two children, Pham Kieu Vy and Pham Van Thang, were seriously injured. The brother later developed signs of depression and left home for over a decade. Anh and Phuong decided to take care of the brother’s children. However, due to their poor living conditions, they could not afford to send the children to school. Luckily, local troops and benefactors have joined hands in supporting Vy and Thang’s study.

Troops from Son Tinh district Military Command and benefactors visit and present gifts to Kieu Vy.

According to Major Vo Thanh Chung, Deputy Political Commissar of Son Tinh district Military Command, in 2018, thanks to the adoptive parent-soldiers, Vy was connected with a Quang Ngai doctor who is working in Ho Chi Minh City. The doctor gave her an artificial limb, helping her walk easier. So far, Vy has had her artificial limb changed twice.

Major Chung added that apart from learning aids, clothes, and a VND 37.5 million savings book, Vy receives VND 300,000 monthly from the district Military Command and benefactors to help her study.

Two years ago, the provincial Public Security’s Women’s Union Organization presented Vy with a bike. Later last year, through the Love Connection Club, opened by personnel of the district Military Command and other local benefactors, an overseas Vietnamese volunteered to give VND 300,000 a month to support Vy.

With the love of local people and society, Kieu Vy has tried her best to achieve high study results in the hope that her dream of a bright future will come true.

Kieu Vy helps her aunt-in-law dry corn seeds in the sun after school.

Other adopted children of Son Tinh district Military Command are Le Quoc Bao, Le Quoc Khanh and Le An Nguyen, aged from 5 to 10, in My Dinh village, Tinh Hiep district. Their father died in an accident at work, and their mother has to work hard to feed them. After school, they help their mother with the housework. Remembering the teaching of their adoptive fathers, the three children have done their utmost to be good children and good students.

With money collected from farming production, rice jars for the poor, and part of their salary and allowance, personnel from Son Tinh district Military Command have joined hands in giving assistance to dozens of local disadvantaged households badly affected by diseases and natural disasters, and many orphaned students to continue their study. These responsible, humane deeds bearing deep troops-people sentiments of adoptive fathers and mother-soldiers from Son Tinh district Military Command have received high appreciation from local party committee, authorities and people.

Translated by Mai Huong