The event was chaired by Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister, and attended by Deputy Chiefs of the General Staff Lieutenant Generals Phung Si Tan, Ngo Minh Tien, Nguyen Van Nghia, and Nguyen Trong Binh.

Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang (right) and delegates at the event

Reports delivered at the conference showed that in the first six months of this year, the General Staff thoroughly embraced and strictly implemented the Central Military Commission (CMC)’s resolutions and its Chief’s instructions on military and defense missions. Its agencies closely followed situational developments and made recommendations for the Party, State, the CMC, and the Ministry of National Defense to issue guidelines and polices to deal with circumstances in a timely and effective manner, contributing to firmly safeguarding national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

They also issued different documents guiding all defense agencies and military units to carry out COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control missions and adjusted their training programs to fulfil all set military and defense missions in the first half of the year amid the complicated development of the disease. 

In the period, the General Staff also completed the training program for the recruits. Under the instruction of the General Staff, agencies and units in the military strictly implemented decisions and resolutions on raising training quality, observing regulations and discipline, ensuring safety, and building comprehensively strong units.

In conclusion, General Giang praised the remarkable achievements recorded by its agencies and pointed out shortcomings in task implementation over the past time.

Regarding missions in the second half, Giang asked the General Staff to continue instructing all defense agencies and military units to comprehensively implement military and defenses missions. In the short-term, they should strictly maintain combat readiness and closely follow situational developments to make timely recommendations for higher levels to effectively deal with scenarios while preparing coordination plans to ensure security at important political and cultural events of the country. He also urged staff units to propose strategic guidelines for socio-economic development and defense and security consolidation.

The Chief of the General Staff requested military units to focus on raising troops’ weapons and military equipment proficiency, increasing night training, and promoting the application of information technology to training programs and exercises at all levels.

Meanwhile, all defense agencies and military units should actively contribute ideas to completing the Ministry of National Defense’s administrative reform project in 2020 and take measures to ensure information security.

On the same day, the General Department of Technical Services reviewed its task implementation in the first half and rolled out missions for the last six months of the year through an online-conference.

In the first months of 2020, the force met all units’ demands for weapons and technical equipment for combat readiness missions, search and rescue, training, and exercises.

In the coming months, technical units will promote their advisory role to strengthen the implementation of strategic plans, programs, and projects and continue conducting contests, festivals, and training courses. 

At the event, the Commander of the General Department of Technical Services handed over Cambodia’s Friendship Order to leaders and former leaders of the general department and the Government’s emulation flags and the Ministry of National Defense’s certificates of merit to outstanding groups with excellent achievements in task implementation.

At the event hosted by the Air Defense-Air Force Service, participants highlighted that in the first half, all air defense-air force units fulfilled all military and Party building missions. Particularly, they strictly maintained combat readiness, effectively managed the airspace, and ensured aviation safety. The force also worked with relevant agencies and units to embrace all situations and give advice to higher levels to deal with any and all circumstances.

In the last six months of this year, the Air Defense-Air Force Service will continue strictly exercising regulations, ensuring safety at important events and festivals, conducting exercises, and effectively implementing political, logistic, and technical work. 

Translate by Tran Hoai