ANO – The Party Committee of Regiment 952 of Naval Zone 1 held a conference on January 24th to summarise the leadership of the 2012 task implementation and to launch its tasks for 2013. Deputy Commander of the Naval Zone, Senior Colonel Vu Xuan Nam attended the conference.

According to reports, the Party Committee led the unit to successfully accomplish its central political task, improve combat readiness, manage and firmly protect national sovereignty over the seas and islands under its management.

The regiment strictly maintained guard and duty regulations and well organized training for its subordinate units under the general combat plan. After training drives, commanders at all levels discussed and drew lessons in order to perfect the combat readiness plan.

Over the year, the regiment’s subordinate units coordinated closely with other involved forces in observing, collecting information about situations in its assigned seas and islands, dealt with relevant issues and reported to higher commands the issues beyond their authority.

Apart from its core missions, the regiment actively participated in search and rescue, provided emergency services to troubled fishermen working at sea and protected the legal fishing grounds for Vietnamese fishermen in the seas around the Vietnamese island of Bach Long Vi. It also collaborated with local authorities to firmly maintain political security and social order in the localities, especially in the islands, where its subordinate units are garrisoned.

Especially, the regiment underlined the training of island defence plans in 2012; as a result, the Navy High Command highly valued its results in the exercise of the Naval Force Grouping 1.

For 2013, the Party Committee continued to study Party Resolutions, especially the Resolution issued by the Naval Party Committee on the leadership of the 2013 task implementation, and closely followed new situations. The Party Committee also takes great resolve to build the regiment strong in politics as the foundations for it to develop as a revolutionary, standardized, elite and modern unit.

Translated by Thu Nguyen