Although achieving high scores in the three shooting positions of prone, kneeling, and standing during recent dry-fire training, recruit Nguyen Thanh Dat from Squad 4, Platoon 2, Company 2, Battalion 1, kept practice seriously. He said, “In previous dry-fire training sessions, I got high scores. However, I am still nervous. So in the upcoming test, I will try my best to be calm to secure my results. I believe that I will get high results if I keep up with my good performance in previous practices.”

Recruits of Platoon 1 practice throwing grenades.

On the training ground, recruits of Company 3, Battalion 1 practiced grenade-throwing. Officers of the unit reminded the recruits of what they should pay due attention to, shared experiences with and asked them to observe safety regulations.

Recruit Mai Viet Anh from Squad 3, Platoon 1, Company 3 excitedly said that to get high points in a grenade-throwing test, one needs good fitness, accurate movements, and calmness. The soldier added that he felt more confident after receiving instructions from the unit’s leaders to throw a grenade precisely and safely and how to deal with possible situations emerging during grenade-throwing practice.

In fact, recruits seriously practiced like they were participating in a real test. Cadres, from squad to company levels, closely followed each movement of the recruits and adjusted them in a timely manner.

According to Captain Nong Van Chien, Head of Platoon 1, Company 3, Battalion 1, his unit assigned officers at all levels to give instructions, fix shortcomings, assist and encourage recruits who are not good in practice to ensure that all recruits make accurate movements and are confident to get good outcomes in the test.

Colonel Nguyen Phuc Quyet, Second-in-Command and Chief of Staff of Artillery Brigade 382, said that this year the brigade’s Party committee and Chain-of-command set targets on the percentage of recruits with highest points in the “three explosions” and political awareness tests and 100 per cent of recruits being able to swim. To this end, the unit has promoted education to raise recruits’ awareness and determination and combined practice and improvement of fitness and confident for recruits.

So far, recruits have thoroughly grasped the process of a shooting test, how to throw grenades, how to prepare explosive charges, safety regulations, and other military discipline.

With good preparations, the brigade hoped that its recruits would achieve high results in the coming test, ensuring absolute safety.

Translated by Mai Huong