President Vo Van Thuong hailed the efforts of the local armed forces in accomplishing their tasks, giving accurate forecast and advice to the Party, State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defense on military-defense issues, and settling all arising problems.

The forces have strictly maintained combat readiness, closely managing national airspace, sea and islands and border, enhancing the strength of the defensive area, while showing strong performance in external military relations, said the State leader.

President Vo Van Thuong meets leaders of the Military Region 5 Command.

He lauded the active engagement of officers and soldiers of Military Region 5 in natural disaster prevention and response as well as search and rescue activities.

Holding that the world and regional situation is likely to continue to develop complicatedly and unpredictably, President Vo Van Thuong asked Military Region 5 to focus on implementing the resolution of the Party Central Committee’s eighth session on national defense strategy in the new situation as well as relevant resolutions and directives on defense-security tasks in association with socio-economic development in strategic areas.

It is necessary to give accurate analysis, evaluation and forecast on the defense-security developments in the region to take proper response, firmly protecting the national border, sovereignty and territorial integrity, he requested.

Along with building strong armed forces with absolute loyalty to the Party and people, Military Region 5 should enhance the efficiency of political and ideological education, fighting wrongful and reactionary viewpoints of hostile forces, protecting the ideological foundation of the Party, actively preventing and combating signs of “self-evolution,” “self-transformation” and “depoliticization of the military,” and fostering internal political security as well as that between the armed forces and the people, President Vo Van Thuong underscored.

President Vo Van Thuong works with the Chain-of-Command of Military Region 5.

The State leader asked Military Region 5 to continue strictly managing the airspace, sea, border, mainland, cyberspace as well as strategic areas, while coordinating with the local administrations and other forces to reinforce the people-based defense, strengthening international cooperation to build a borderline of peace, friendship, stability and development, and providing support to Laos and Cambodia.

Earlier the same day, President Vo Van Thuong inspected the training and combat readiness at Tank Brigade 574 under Military Region 5.

Source: VNA