Authorized by the Standing Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, Permanent Deputy Head of the commission Le Van Minh thanked the newspaper for disseminating information about COVID-19 prevention and control regulations during the fourth outbreak in the city. He affirmed that the city highly appreciated the contribution and great efforts of the PAN’s reporters in this work.

At the meeting

Over the past five months, nearly 150 reporters from press agencies working in Ho Chi Minh City have been infected with the novel coronavirus while conducting their tasks. The Bureau of the People's Army Newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City has also had many effective reporters working in dangerous epidemic areas, in hospitals treating Covid-19 patients and had two reporters infected while performing their duties. However, the staff and reporters of the People's Army Newspaper Bureau in the city has still successfully completed their assigned political tasks.

Especially, the PAN has strictly maintained pandemic prevention and control and taken part in charity activities, contributing to promoting the noble virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, deserving to be soldier-reporters on the front-line in the fight against the pandemic.

For his part, Senior Colonel Le Phi Hung, Head of the PAN’s Bureau in the city, conveyed the message of the PAN’s Editor-in-Chief, Major General Doan Xuan Bo, in which he shared the difficulties and losses with the city’s authorities and people in the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Reportedly, over the past five months in the city, the bureau has released nearly 1,000 articles on local activities in the COVID-19 prevention and control work. Senior Colonel Le Phi Hung also pledged that the bureau’s personnel and reporters would continue promoting their pioneering role in the pandemic hotbed to popularize the city’s efforts and achievements in soon returning to normal.

On behalf of the commission, Mr. Minh inquired after and presented gifts to the COVID-19-infected reporters of the PAN’s bureau, hoping that they would accomplish their assigned missions after recovering.

Translated by Minh Anh