According to the command’s report, this year, Hung Yen’s localities and armed forces embraced and strictly implemented directives and resolutions of the Party and State and other documents on local military and defense missions and focused on building comprehensive strong armed forces capable of fulfilling all assigned missions.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam talking with troops of the special task force of the provincial military command

Notably, military units at all levels actively offered good advice to help localities in building people’s heart and whole people's defense postures in combination with strengthening defensive areas. They closely worked with local authorities in enlisting troops, popularizing defense-security knowledge and building new-style rural areas.

In addition, the quality of military exercises and training of the provincial armed forces has been improved. In the year, the provincial armed forces instructed 49 communes, towns, departments and agencies to conduct defensive area exercises and worked with localities to train more than 3,000 reservists with good results.

Concluding the inspection, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam lauded the provincial armed forces for its achievements in carrying out local military and defense tasks and asked military units to continue grasping and implementing documents and the Law on National Defense, further build people’s heart and whole people's defense postures in combination with the people’s security posture, raise training quality and combat readiness capability of provincial armed forces, well conduct enlistment work and combine socio-economic development with defense-security consolidation.

Translated by Tran Hoai