At the meeting, the mission was briefed on Regiment 8’s outcomes in mission implementation over the past time.

Specifically, since last year, especially in the first quarter of this year, the unit strictly observed combat readiness regulations and duties, conducted regular guarding missions to ensure absolute safety for the barracks and troops.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Tran Quang Phuong (1st from left) at the visit

Attentively, it often inspected, double checked and supplemented materials and other equipment for combat readiness missions, and developed and practiced combat readiness plans while improving troops’ fitness.

All of its cadres joined training courses to improve their expertise before the 2021 training season started.

In addition, the unit comprehensively exercised COVID-19 prevention and control measures and improved political and ideological education for troops, contributing to upholding the unit’s ideological foundation. The unit has made good preparations to receive recruits and kick-start this year’s training season.

Addressing the event, General Phuong hailed the unit’s troops’ great efforts to overcome all difficulties to fulfil their assignments.

He asked the unit to bring into full play its achievements and the units’ commanders to set exemplary models for their troops to follow. He also urged the unit to maintain force-regularity building, train recruits in line with higher levels’ directions, and apply COVID-19 prevention and control measures effectively.

Translated by Mai Huong