Sr. Lt. Gen. Huynh Chien Thang chairs the working session.

Since 2019, the MR1 Command, together with localities, units, and agencies, has implemented defensive area building and obtained significant outcomes.

In particular, MR1 has built strong armed forces in the fields of politics, ideology, and organization while successfully accomplishing political education programs and law dissemination activities for troops. Therefore, officers and soldiers always place absolute trust in the Party’s guideline and policies.

Meanwhile, MR1 has consolidated personnel organization as regulated to ensure enough personnel, weapons, and equipment for defense-security tasks in the stationed localities.

Along with strictly maintaining regulations on combat readiness, natural disaster prevention, and search and rescue operations, MR1's affiliated units have promoted training work and organized defensive area and tactical exercises.

Additionally, MR1 has prioritized strategic and campaign projects and ensured adequate logistic and technical supplies for training and combat readiness missions; taken advantage of local  funds. Since 2019, the military commands of provinces, districts, towns and cities in MR1 have mobilized nearly VND 287 billion to build and upgrade their barracks.

At the event

Concluding the inspection, Senior Lieutenant General Huynh Chien Thang praised the outstanding achievements gained by MR1 in the implementation of the government’s decree on defensive area building.

Gen. Thang required MR1’s steering committee for military region defense and defensive area to pay more attention to building complete plans on military region defense building while adjusting the document system and defensive operation plans, among others.

Apart from enhancing the building of exemplary models on defensive area building, MR1 should set up campaign checkpoints and combat works along the borderline, as well as conduct mine clearance activities to promote socio-economic development, to name but a few.

The deputy chief of the General Staff asked MR1’s steering committee for military region defense and defensive area to bring into play outcomes obtained over the past time and address shortcomings pointed out in the inspection.

Translated by Quynh Oanh