Sr. Lt. Gen. Vu Hai San checks vehicles and machines at the brigade’s technical area.

At the meeting, Major General Nguyen Duc Tung, Director of the Department of Transport, reported on the progress of the implementation of Project VT21 on renovation of military marine transport in the 2021-2030 period.

The brigade’s commander later reported on the task performance of the brigade in the first six months of this year, highlighting the unit’s completion of all assigned transport volume and assurance of absolute safety in all aspects. Attentively, since early this year, the whole unit has strictly observed combat readiness regulations, prevented natural disasters, conducted search and rescue missions. It has also well managed and maintained materiel and ensured logistics and financial supplies for troops.

Gen. San and other delegates view Brigade 649’s means of transport.

On hearing aforementioned reports and touring technical, production areas and checking the unit’s means of transport, General San applauded the brigade for surmounting difficulties, well performing its duties, and achieving set targets.

The deputy defense minister highlighted the unit’s transport of materials and other equipment to units in the whole military, including those stationed in the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago, to ensure their task performance, especially in natural disaster prevention and search and rescue duties.

General San urged Brigade 649 to continue enhancing force-regularity building, discipline management, training in line with duties, mastering technical equipment, and ensuring combat readiness tasks.

Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San addresses the meeting.

The unit’s party committee and chain-of-command were requested to focus on building a strong party committee, managing troops’ thought, ensuring logistics and financial supplies for troops so that they could stay ready to undertake and fulfill all assignments.

Regarding Project VT21, the deputy defense minister asked the Department of Transport to continue collecting authorized agencies’ opinions, completing the plan soon to report to the Director of the General Department of Logistics for approval, before submitting it to the leader of the Ministry of National Defense for ratification.

Translated by Mai Huong