The delegation was joined by Sr. Lt. Gen. Do Can, Deputy Director of the General Department of Political Affairs, Lt. Gen. Ngo Minh Tien, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, and representatives of functional agencies of the Ministry of National Defense.

Defense minister General Phan Van Giang visit the State and Law Division.

Prior to the working session, General Giang and the delegation laid flowers and offered incense at President Ho Chi Minh Monument inside the academy to pay tribute to and commemorate his great contribution to the national revolutionary cause.

Afterwards, General Giang inspected the maintenance of orders, working schedule at faculties, teaching and learning activities, field military training and several facilities of the academy.

General Giang inspects a lesson of classes 116C and 116D.

When visiting the faculties, General Giang spent much time to check training schedules, curricula, registration and updating of documents of faculties.

After reviewing the training program of the State and Law Division, General Giang required the academy and functional agencies of the ministry to closely collaborate to research and update training contents. He noted that lectures about the Vietnam Coast Guard Law, the Vietnam Border Guard Law, and the laws on non-commissioned officers, defense employees, self-defense and militia force should be added to training programs.

General Giang checks a training session of cadets of Battalion 4.

When attending the discussion of cadets of 116C and 116D classes in the Party and Political Work subject, the defense minister asked them to regularly enhance ideological and theoretical knowledge at anytime, thus being ready to undertake and fulfill all assigned tasks.

On the training ground of the academy, General Giang saw an instructor of the Faculty of Military Training monitor the training of an 82mm mortal battery conducted by cadets of Battalion 4. He applauded the efforts of the instructor and cadets while underlining that each serviceman should pay more attention to regularity building and military discipline observance.

General Giang inquires after Lao cadets.

In addition, General Giang visited and inquired after Lao and Cambodian cadets when they are in a military training session. He shared his deep memories and good sentiment at the time he was visiting their countries. The defense minister hoped that the Lao and Cambodian cadets will strive their best to acquire meaningful knowledge to serve their country.

General Giang also required the instructors of the Military Academy of Logistics to continuously renew training contents and self-study to improve their capabilities and update new knowledge.

General Giang talking to Cambodian cadets

At the working session with the school’s leadership on the same day, General Phan Van Giang acknowledged and praised its achievements over the past time. He required the school to continue completing its missions in 2022 and the following years and seriously implementing higher levels’ resolutions and instructions on education and training. He noted that the academy should attach much attention to adjusting contents in accordance with criteria of each training course and educational targets. The senior officer also urged the school’s instructors and cadets to actively enhance the quality of English teaching and learning.

General Giang speaks at the working session with the academy’s leaderships.

Furthermore, General Giang stressed that the academy should improve the leadership of the Party organizations in their affiliates, the rule of democratic centralism and self-criticism and criticism, contributing to building a strong Party organization and a comprehensively strong school.

Translated by Trung Thanh