According to a report delivered at the working session, Command 86 has given timely recommendations and made proposals to the MND to issue legal documents to boost digital transformation. It has also submitted a digital transformation project to the Standing Board of the Central Military Commission for approval and issuance of instructions on implementation. Attentively, the command has basically performed its role to strengthen digital transformation in the whole military, monitored, made monthly reports, and identified shortcomings and difficulties for timely addressing.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Huy Vinh chairs the working session.

Concluding the visit, Gen. Vinh highly praised Command 86 for its high sense of responsibility to strengthen digital transformation in the whole military and other authorized MND agencies for their suggestions. 

Given that digital transformation is a new and difficult field, the deputy defense minister asked competent agencies to keep a close watch on real tasks of the military, specify key contents to carry out the work in accordance with provisions of law.

Senior Colonel Vu Huu Hanh, Commanding Officer of Command 86, delivers a report on the progress of digital transformation in the MND in 2023.
Delegates at the event

He also urged Command 86 to consider constructive opinions, continue to work closely with relevant agencies and units to ensure effective and timely implementation of the work, settle arising difficulties and problems, follow digital transformation progress of defense agencies and military units and report to the MND.

Command 86 and MND functional agencies were requested to try their best to achieve the set targets before the year-end, keep urging agencies to issue an e-identification code framework for military servicemen, weapons, equipment, and other supplies to standardize the original database and soon launch personal digital signatures in all MND affiliates.

He asked Command 86 to take the lead in digital transformation in the military as well.

Translated by Mai Huong