At the conference

Reports delivered by the organizing panel reviewed that the activities marking the 25th anniversary of foundation day of the coast guard force were successfully, safely, and effectively held. The organizing panel closely worked with press agencies inside and outside the military to disseminate missions and outstanding achievements obtained by coast guards during the force’s 25-year building, combat, and development. The Standing Party Committee of the Coast Guard has inked agreements with the standing party committees of 28 coastal provinces and cities to conduct the “Coast guards stand by fishermen” program. 

Other significant activities, such as a festival for mass art troupes in the coast guard force, the first "Vietnam Coast Guard and Friends" Exchange Program, and a seminar for young coast guard officers, were successfully organized.

Outstanding collectives honored at the event

Speaking at the meeting, Political Commissar of the Vietnam Coast Guard Lieutenant General Bui Quoc Oai, acknowledged and highly appreciated the close and responsible coordination between agencies and units in organizing activities to mark the 25th anniversary of the foundation day of the force. Activities were effectively carried out, contributing to building trust and enhancing coast guard troops’ trust and responsibility.

He asked units to continue to cooperate to organize other celebration activities in the coming time.

Outstanding individuals in information dissemination receive certificates of merit.

On the occasion, the Vietnam Coast Guard Command presented certificates of merits to 25 groups and 35 individuals with outstanding achievements in carrying out emulation movement and organizing celebration activities. Thirteen outstanding groups and 23 individuals were also honored for their active and outstanding contribution to disseminating celebration activities.

Translated by Tran Hoai