L2FH Rotation 4's doctor providing health examination for the patient

According to the hospital, the Mongolian patient was hospitalized after receiving treatment at the Level-1 Hospital of the Mongolian Infantry Battalion. The patient had symptoms of epigastric pain spreading to the back, nausea and repeated vomiting.

At the field hospital of Vietnam, ultrasound results showed that the patient had abdominal fluid apart from the above-mentioned symptoms. Immediately, Vietnamese doctors conducted consultation under the chair of Deputy Director Major Le Viet Anh and direct guide of Director Lieutenant Colonel Vu Minh Duong. They concluded that the patient suffered from acute pancreatitis.

After ten days of intensive treatment and great care by the hospital’s directorate, timely adjustment in treatment protocol by doctors, the patient has recovered now. He has been discharged from the hospital in good health conditions and been grateful to the Vietnamese peacekeepers.

The patient was saved in a timely manner despite the hospital’s difficulties and shortage of medical equipment and working in field condition. Vietnamese doctors overcame this great challenge thanks to their in-depth knowledge and practical clinical experience.

Translated by Mai Huong