The visit demonstrates that the bilateral defense relations have been enhanced and promoted over the past time. Since the establishment of their diplomatic relations, the Vietnam - Malaysia relationship has been increasingly consolidated and developed. In order to further boost the cooperation, both sides decided to lift the relations to strategic partnership in 2015. On that basis, the bilateral cooperation over the past years has seen active outcomes in all fields, including defense and security.

Malaysian naval troops talk with Vietnamese naval troops during Vessel 286-Le Quy Don's visit to Malaysia in October, 2022.

The Vietnam - Malaysia defense relations have seen practical outcomes in many fields, such as delegation exchange, cooperation in navy and air force, and training, of which cooperation in training and education between the two naval forces has been bolstered so as to build mutual trust and understanding. Through forums such as the ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting or bilateral naval consultation mechanisms, they have discussed to further strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two navies.

Therefore, both defense ministries will continue to maintain exchanges and share information, boost training and education activities, share experience in implementing U.N. peacekeeping activities, as well as support each other on multilateral forums.

On the basis of effective cooperation outcomes over the past years, they are studying to promote the establishment of appropriate dialogue mechanisms, including the defense policy dialogue mechanism at the Deputy Defense Minister level and the joint working group on defense cooperation at the Director of the Foreign Relations Department level, in order to create a basis for practical cooperative activities between the two sides. They are also promoting the signing of the memorandum of understanding on bilateral defense cooperation, aimed at creating a framework for cooperation between the two countries in the defense field, contributing to the strategic partnership between the two countries, as well as peace, security, and stability in the region.

Notably, Vietnam is the only country in ASEAN to set up a strategic partnership with Malaysia. This year, both countries are celebrating their 50 years of establishing diplomatic relations. On the basis of political trust, at multilateral forums, the two countries share common views on issues such as ASEAN’s viewpoints on national and world security, as well as peace and stability in the region. They have both agreed to resolve disputes through peaceful means and diplomatic channels.

In the ASEAN community, Vietnam and Malaysia are both active and responsible members, and together with other member countries strive to maintain solidarity and promote ASEAN’s centrality, contributing to building the ASEAN community of sustainable development and prosperity. The two nations are also committed to strengthening peace and stability through active participation in ASEAN and other regional organizations.

Therefore, promoting the Vietnam - Malaysia defense cooperation is part of the bilateral strategic partnership, for mutual interests, contributing to deepening the two countries’ relations in a practical and effective manner for peace, stability, cooperation, and development in the region and the world.

Translated by Minh Anh