Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh gave the suggestion at a reception for a visiting delegation of the Chinese academy on June 10 at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense.

At the meeting, Major General Cui Lianjie, the Political Commissar of the Institute for Military Political Affairs under the AMS, briefed the host on the outcome of the Chinese delegation’s meeting with the Vietnamese Institute for Defense Strategy.

According to the Chinese general, the two sides discussed and agreed on the first draft of the joint research cooperation project which aims to collect documents and exhibits on the friendship and solidarity between the militaries of Vietnam and China and Ho Chi Minh's and Mao Zedong's shared thought on unity in the resistance wars against the French colonialists and US imperialists.

At the reception. Photo:

The two sides also discussed a plan to conduct field trips at several historic places in Vietnam to collect more documents and exhibits for the project in the coming time.

For his part, General Vinh spoke highly of the initial good results of the cooperation between the Vietnamese institute and the Chinese academy. He emphasized the practical significance of the project, saying that it will contribute to enhancing the long-lasting friendship between the two countries and two militaries.

The Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister urged the two sides to complete the project in time to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam-China diplomatic ties (January 18, 1950 - 2020).

He also tasked relevant Vietnamese organs and units to boost coordination and create favorable conditions for the visiting Chinese delegation to conduct surveys in Vietnam for the joint research project.

Translated by Mai Huong