In 2019, the units built a specific plan, actively coordinated to effectively implement cooperation activities in many fields, including defense-military events, as well as search and collection of martyrs' remains.

The units' representatives sign the cooperation agreement for 2020

They have exchanged more than 100 pieces of valuable information, organized many activities, and exchanged delegations, thus supporting each other to successfully fulfill their assigned missions, promote socio-economic development, strengthen national defense and security, build comprehensively strong units, and cement borderline of peace, friendship, and cooperation.

During the event, the participants agreed to expand more cooperation, including exchanging information to follow real situations, coordinating to prevent crimes, promoting information dissemination and education for civilians in the border areas of the two countries. They also agreed to strictly implement the agreements and regulations signed by the two Governments, maintaining mutual support and assistance in search and rescue, preventing diseases, and collecting the remains of fallen Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and specialists in Cambodia.

On the occasion, the Provincial Military Command also presented gifts to the units under the Royal Cambodian Army.

Translated by Chung Anh