In this event, the medical troops had to carry a bag of 3.5 kilograms while passing a 30m-long road to approach wounded soldiers and carry them to safer places in the low crawling position. Before being taken to shelters nearby, the wounded soldiers were also given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This was challenging for Vietnamese female medical troops, as they had to take the test under the temperature of 42 degree Celsius. They had to carry wounded soldiers weighing about 65 to 70 kilograms, wear armor, shoes, iron helmets, and guns. The total weight each athlete must carry along is about 80kg, while the average weight of the Vietnamese women competitors is only 52kg.

Athletes preparing to enter the competition
The Vietnamese women competitors trying hard to complete their missions

Despite the disadvantages of height and weight, Vietnamese military athletes have tried very hard to record encouraging results at the contest.

The military medical contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army joined “the best mechanic-driver competition” contest with the MT-LB light multi-purpose armored towing vehicle on August 10. Vietnam now does not has this type of vehicle and the Vietnamese team had only one hour to get used to it before entering the competition. However, the two drivers of the Vietnamese military medical contingent successfully completed the event.

Though the results of the contest were not as good as expected, the Vietnamese military athletes have recorded an achievement, as they have overcome themselves.

Reported by Nguyen Bach Dang (form Uzbekistan)

Translated by Lam Anh