Senior Colonel Pham Manh Thang congratulated all staff of the Lao Embassy on their Bunpimay while applauding the success of the 11th National Congress of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party.

In addition, he considered the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos the important factor for the development of the both countries. He underlined, Vietnam has always treasured the two sides’ great friendship with defense cooperation as one of the priorities.

Senior Colonel Pham Manh Thang offering flowers to congratulate the Lao Embassy

Over the past time, the bilateral friendship has been extended in many fields, contributing to preserving and upholding the bilateral friendship, firmly protecting national security and sovereignty of each country as well as to fighting plots of hostile forces which attempt to break the relations between the two countries.

Officer Thang expressed his hope that Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Sengphet Houngboungnuang will continue supporting and making contributions to the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive partnership between the two countries in general, and the bilateral defense cooperation in particular.

For his part, Ambassador Sengphet Houngboungnuang thanked the Vietnamese MND’s delegation for the visit. On this occasion, he also congratulated Vietnam on the success of the 13th National Party Congress, underscoring that after the important event, the bilateral partnership has been developed.

He also pledged to make his efforts to promote the bilateral relations, especially in defense sphere.

Translated by Khanh Ngan