With a master's degree in business and management, she knows well how to work with figures, and they have become part of her life.

Colonel Dao Thuy Huong

Not only successfully fulfilling her assigned missions, she is also a creative person who dares to think and to do. She has persuaded the military business’s leaders to increase the fund for developing and innovating materiel for defense missions. 

Over the past time, Colonel Dao Thuy Huong has obtained breakthrough achievements in applying information technology to task implementation and carrying out accounting service center model. In particular, Huong has been an active person in applying information technology to carrying out finance management work, contributing to shortening the time of performing tasks. She has also popularized the software to help affiliated units of Viettel make consolidated financial statements more easily.

More significantly, Viettel’s accounting service center model has been accredited as a revolution in finance and accounting. The center has helped the group optimize its human resources and eliminate intermediate stages. As a result, the business could optimize the performance of all district-level employees. 

Apart from that, Huong is wholeheartedly devoted to raising the prestige and position of the military business’s financial sector. She has particularly studied and applied the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) (a set of accounting rules for the financial statements of public companies) following the road-map of the Ministry of Finance. She has contributed to building world-class human resources for the group and digital transformation in the sector using AI, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.

The chief accountant shared that she was honored to be a delegate of the 11th Congress of the Military Party Organization. Thanks to the knowledge learnt at the congress, Huong has built her own action plan in a bid to effectively carry out assigned missions and make more contribution to Viettel in the coming time. 

Translated by Tran Hoai